What Glencairn Projects Can Do for Your Home

At Glencairn Projects, we want your home’s style and functionality to meet your needs and expectations.  Our experienced team can focus on the entirety of your home, or we can happily look at any one area and develop that space to your requirements.

Renovations and Upgrades

Whether you want your entire home to be renovated or extended, or whether you want to update your kitchen or bathroom, our team will happily create a space that you will love.

New Layout

Your home may have been ideal for your needs when you moved in, but your needs change over time.  Through our design expertise, we can create a new layout for you that is best suited to your family’s current lifestyle.

A Home Extension

Do you need more space?  No need to move to another location.  With a well-designed extension we can provide you with the space you want in the place you already love.